Possible Return of Workplace Mask Requirements

The CDC announced yesterday that it is once again advising vaccinated individuals to wear masks indoors.  Previously, CDC guidance provided that unvaccinated individuals did not need to worry about face coverings in most situations, whether indoors or out.

The new CDC recommendation applies only to certain geographic areas—specifically, counties with high or substantial COVID transmission rates.  Currently, Orange and San Bernardino counties have substantial transmission rates, according to the CDC.  Meanwhile Los Angeles and Riverside Counties have high transmission rates.  You can view county-specific information on the CDC website.

Los Angeles County had already reinstated its requirement to wear masks indoors, as of July 17.  The state of California and other counties mentioned above have not followed suit at this point.

However, the California Department of Health provided Tuesday that it is evaluating the new CDC guidance and will consider issuing new guidance of its own.

For the time being, vaccinated individuals outside of Los Angeles County can continue to go mask-less in the workplace, in most situations*.  However, a change could very well be coming in the near future.  We will continue to provide updates as the situation develops.

*Masks still must be worn indoors in the following settings: public transportation, healthcare settings, schools, prisons, and homeless or emergency centers.