New Requirements for Reporting Child Abuse

A new California law requires certain human resources professionals and supervisors to make formal reports of suspected child abuse to the relevant authorities.

The California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Law was originally adopted in 1980, and requires certain individuals, called “mandated reporters,” to report suspected child abuse that they may observe.  However, Governor Newsom recently signed a new law, AB1963, which expands the definition of mandated reporters.

The new categories of mandated reporters are:

(1)        HR employees working for businesses with at least five (5) employees that also employ minors; and

(2)        “Frontline supervisors” working for businesses with at least five (5) employees whose duties require direct contact with and supervision of minors. Notably, frontline supervisors are not required to report all instances of child abuse, but only sexual abuse.

Employers subject to the law are required to provide training to employees who are mandated reporters.  The Office of Child Abuse Prevention in the State Department of Social Services is offering free training materials on the subject.  For more information, you may visit their website: