Employment Documents Audit

Orange County Employment Law Attorneys

Merhab Robinson & Clarkson, Law Corporation provides employment documents audits to review employer policies and procedures and ensure compliance with state and federal laws as well as provide valuable information for organizational change. Below is an outline of the factors our lawyers review in an employment documents audit.

  1. All employment documentation such as applications, at-will agreements, employment agreements, commission agreements, orientation checklists, evaluation forms, disciplinary forms and termination forms
  2. Existing personnel policies contained in employee handbooks and personnel policy manuals or other forms
  3. Personnel record maintenance system
  4. Current management training in all areas with special emphasis on Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and sexual harassment
  5. Hiring and termination practices
  6. Performance evaluation and appraisal system
  7. Employee discipline practices and policies
  8. Compliance with state and federal law relating to posting requirements
  9. Confidentiality and trade secret practices and policies
  10. Workplace safety and security issues
  11. Wage and hour practices*, overtime, breaks and meal periods and alternative work weeks
  12. Identify potential areas of risk or loss and make specific recommendations to reduce risks and losses

The following forms and documents will be provided as part of employment documents audit where current forms and documents are insufficient or not in compliance with state and federal law:

  1. Applications, at-will statements, performance appraisals, disciplinary forms, termination notices, exit interview forms, etc.
  2. Employee handbook, tailored to the employer’s own work place and personnel policies
  3. Forms for ordering all required federal and state employment posters, including EEOC, FEHA, OSHA, FMLA, minimum wage, Polygraph Protection Act and more
  4. Recommendations to the Employer concerning development of its human resources/personnel management function

*The audit/review of employer’s wage and hour practices does not include a categorization of each of the employees as exempt or non-exempt or I-9 audits. The employment documents audit does include providing the employer with information and forms to assist in the correct categorization of employees. Additional assistance can be provided on an hourly fee basis.