If You Own Any of These Assets, You Need to Watch Their Value

As we begin 2024, it is crucial to review estate planning goals and strategies that may be affected by changes in the federal estate tax exemption law. At the end of 2025, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) the estate tax exemption, which is $10 million, adjusted for inflation, may revert to the pre-2017 […]

Case Study: How Concerned Should You Be about Estate Tax Issues?

If you have significant wealth, you may be exposed to future estate tax burdens that must be acted on before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduces the estate tax exemption in 2026. Developing and implementing the right estate planning and tax strategies takes time. You may need to prepare regardless of whether the estate tax […]

The Countdown Begins: Will We Keep the $13.6 Million Estate Tax Exemption?

The year 2026 is quickly approaching, bringing substantial changes that may affect your estate tax situation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in 2017 significantly increased the federal estate tax exemption to $10 million per person.  Because of adjustments for inflation, the estate tax and gift tax exemptions are now $13.6 million per person. […]

Cultivate and Build New Relationships Through Networking

In addition to being considered the month of love, February is International Networking Month. In today’s world, developing new relationships with people is truly important. Our social and professional interactions contribute to our overall health and mental well-being. Many people work remotely or live far away from their friends and family and often engage with […]

Third-Party Waivers and Why We Sometimes Need Them

As your trusted estate planning attorney, if we do not have an immediate answer or solution for you, we can often get one by contacting another attorney or advisor who works in an area that falls outside of our expertise—a vetted professional that we have developed working relationships with or perhaps your trusted advisor who […]

Love Is in the Air: Have You Protected Your Loved Ones?

Valentine’s Day is approaching, when many people express just how much their loved ones mean to them by giving gifts and cards. But this year, you could try something different to show your love: think about your estate plan and how you can protect and provide for your loved ones. Preparation can help guide your […]

Do Not Become a Statistic

Estate planning is important for everyone. It is about protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your hard-earned money (even if you do not have a lot of it). However, the numbers do not lie: most people do not see the importance of estate planning. Whether you need to create an estate plan or update an […]

Estate Planning Roll Call: Important Legal Tools You Should Have

As with any roll call, it is important to make sure that everyone is present and accounted for. Similarly, when assessing an estate plan, several legal tools, or documents, should be in attendance to accomplish the goal of a complete and comprehensive plan. You have likely heard the term estate planning, but you may not […]

Top 3 Reasons You Need an Up-to-Date Estate Plan

Although we live in a world where information is easily accessible through the internet, there are still many misconceptions surrounding estate planning. Most of us do not dedicate our time to learning more about topics like estate planning, because we may not know that we need an estate plan or realize the benefits associated with […]

7 Things You Need to Do Now to Protect Your Beloved Pets

Pets sometimes outlive their owners. If you suffer an accident or illness, it could leave your cat, dog, horse, iguana, or any other pet without a caregiver, which, without proper planning, could result in your beloved pet being sent to an animal rescue or shelter that is not of your choosing. Take a few steps […]